Settings is accessible by clicking your name from the top menu and then clicking settings. Settings are divided in to several sections.

Password box is just for changing your password. User don't need to enter password to edit other settings. In other words please leave the password box empty if you don't want to change your password.

General settings

In General settings it possible to change for example name, email, location and password.

Profile picture

Upload profile image for people to recognize you.

Password change

This is the place to change your password.

Password is stored as encrypted into the database and is not possible return password if user forgets it. It is possible to reset password from the login page.

Time settings

Select your timezone and formats for time and date.

Social login

Not actually a settings. Just gives indication if your account is linked to any social account.


Select what kind of notifications you would like to receive.


This is the part how you want to be seen for other users.

Other settings

Options have list of settings which user can turn off and on. It includes sharing, stream, charts and email settings.