Sessions are objects which help collecting runs, planning a test and reporting the test day results.

Sessions are linked to runs with track, date, driver and car information. It means that no manual linking needs to be done. TestLogger will compare the session paramaters against run parameters and lists runs where parameters match.

Create session

To create session select 'Session' from 'New' menu located at top bar.

For new session it is needed to set track, car and date. 'Plan' text field is good place to describe the day and plans for it. 'Notes' field is a place where it's good write summary of the day.

Additionally you can tag the session. See here for more information.

If you enter a new run and it doesn't have a related session, TestLogger will create the session automatically.

List sessions

Open 'Sessions' under 'Analyze' in the left menu to get a listing of sessions. Sessions are grouped by date. In the right you have three buttons as follows.

  • Eye - Open session analyze page
  • Edit - Edit session information
  • Trash - Delete session. Only possible if 0 runs is related to the session.

Session analyze

Session collects all the necessary data like runs, statistics, weather and setup changes for one day at the track.

If the track type is outdoor and location is defined, it gives user a weather forecast for the whole day. Good example of utilizing this is race weekends. If user has a race in two weeks time then the user can already create the session. By opening the session analyze view it gives the up to date weather forecast for that specific day

Compare sessions

Function to compare two or more sessions. Select wanted sessions from session list and click Compare selected.