Roadmap is under work.

Release notes

This page explains what has changed and when. It shows history from end of 2013.

11.9.2015 - Major update (2.4)

  • Car behaviour feature. When entering a new run, it's possible add issues with car behaviour or mark the issues them fixed. These fixes are then collected to separate page which could can find under Analyse in the main menu. Additionally you can see a table of issues and fixes in session analyse page. Please note: This functionality is still in beta and will be for quite some time. When ever it's ready, it MIGHT change as subscription based.
  • Setups
    • Possibility to fix mistakes made in setup sheet (a new button in setup sheet listing). This function will allow to you do changes to setup sheet without creating a new revision and changing the setup for every run where the setup needed to be fixed.
    • Setup sheet layout fine tuned.
  • “Make new revision” button for track listing
  • Session schedule. Now it's possible to schedule runs in the session settings. You will see a countdown timer for the scheduled runs in the top bar.
  • Notes
    • “Save and continue” and “Save and close” buttons added.
  • New front page and login procedure.
  • Chart colors fine tuned
  • Runs
    • Track temperature added as new parameter
    • “Delete drafts” button added to user menu. Sometimes TestLogger crashes when entering a new run (error code 500) and it can be resolved by going back to home page and deleting draft runs.
  • Tires
    • Filters for tire listing.
    • Distance driven per tire set
    • Amount of runs per tire set
  • Bug fixes.

16.6.2015 - Patch (2.3.5)

  • If no visitors on track, there should notifications on different boxes
  • Track stats use also draft runs
  • Best public setup link should direct to public address

1.6.2015 - Patch (2.3.4)

  • New message notification doesn't have name and time
  • Wrong icon for public view in setup list
  • Remove Wizard notification number
  • Rear tire model is wrong in run view
  • Not all sessions are shown in friends at track list
  • Lap record check does not work if the lap time is below minimum time
  • Remove notification if new and old track record is driven by same driver
  • Setup quick change doesn't save new parameter properly
  • Today selection doesn’t work in date picker
  • Caret not working on profile page’s setup list
  • Setup view link doesn’t work on profile page
  • Sometimes Mylaps tab in run input is not activated even it should be.

26.5.2015 - Patch (2.3.3)

  • Can’t create car request
  • Signup with social media account saves profile pic to wrong folder
  • Public setups on profile page opens a wrong section

23.5.2015 - Patch (2.3.2)

  • Default picture address is wrong when creating user
  • Ads for public pages
  • In run input uncheck lap times which are under minimum lap time
  • Duplicates shown in setup finder
  • Remove facebook link

14.5.2015 - Major update (2.3)

  • Map for track locators
  • Public setup finder
  • List duplicate setups
  • Session list view
    • Older grouping is changed to grouping by session year
  • Messages
    • Profile pics to thread list
    • Sort thread list by last message
    • Label for new messages
    • Discussion participant selection changed
  • Statistics
    • Link home page stats to stats page
    • performance chart added to stats
    • Performance algorithm improvements
  • Setup quick change in run input
  • Session view
    • Session summary stats added
    • Charts replaced with highchairs
    • Run performance to setup analysis table
    • Colour explanations
    • Best times in purple
    • Tire analysis removed
  • Feedback form adapts based on request type
  • Track page
    • Weather forecast replaced with own layout
    • Scroll wheel does not zoom the map anymore
    • Best public setup
    • Most popular tires
  • Session compare charts changed from Google to Highcharts
  • Last used setup in car list
  • Possibility to archive all active tire sets in tire set listing

25.4.2015 - Patch (2.2.4)

  • Editing session track selection is empty if track is archived
  • Editing run will reset run date
  • Mysql error when opening messages

11.4.2015 - Patch (2.2.3)

  • MyRCM import doesn’t change the run start time
  • MyRCM import not working if heats or finals were not defined

10.4.2015 - Patch (2.2.2)

  • Profile pic thumbnail not shown on message threads or session view
  • Stopwatch improvements and fixed. New field “Laps” to show completed laps and last lap time.

2.4.2015 - Patch (2.2.1)

  • Run input fixes
  • MyRCM import fixes
  • New parameter “Alternative car ID” for data import exceptions.

23.3.2015 - Major update (2.2)

  • Redesigned home page with new statistics. If you don't like it, please complain with improvement proposal :)
  • Public track locator with public track pages.
  • Track profile page has been redesigned with more information like visitors, best 5 min runs and map. Additionally all registered users can modify the track information so it's easier to make sure all the information is correct. Here is an example
  • Statistics and user profile page has now listing of all current track records. Additionally new track records are shown on the feed and use will get a notification if his lap record is broken by some one.
  • Run data input has been redesigned. All different lap time iinput/import methods are now located under lap times tab.
  • Stopwatch functionality. Now it's possible to take lap times with internal stopwatch if there is no Mylaps decoder available.
  • Possible to import Sanwa M12 data in CSV format
  • Bug fixes
    • Can't change date when editing a run
    • Notes have wrong heading
    • Search has wrong heading
    • Distance chart does not start from Jan
    • Forecast hours weird on session analyse page if track is not Finland
    • Forecast is not correct if track not in Finland
    • Old tag causes an issue when creating a new run
    • Delete related runs when deleting session

18.2.2015 - Patch (2.1.3)

  • Parameter unit visible in setup view when shouldn't be showed.
  • Added login and signup links to public setup view

16.2.2015 - Patch (2.1.2)

  • rcm_url error when saving a new run

11.2.2015 - Patch (2.1.1)

  • Track information corrected on feed and track page
  • Social login fixed
  • Feed to use thumbnails of track images
  • Once again fix Mylaps import for older data
  • Wizard not working with social login

6.2.2015 - Major update (2.1)

  • Import from MyRCM.
  • Likes
  • Cars view improved. View is splitted into two sections. First one for your cars and second one to list all available car models with setup sheet status. You can also create a car from that view.
  • Tracks reworked - part 1
    • New parameters (Track name, address, description, opening hours)
    • Usability improvements to the form. E.g Revision renamed to layout name
    • Track listing page splitted into three sections. Visited tracks, Track locator and Tracks created by you
    • Grouping in list is changed to be more logical
    • Better filtering for track listing
  • Notifications
    • Notifications for setup sheet based on setup sheet status. Also possible to verify setup sheet
    • Import notifications for new run
  • Setup sheet improvements
    • All radio buttons changed to drop down
    • Parameters sorted alphabetically
  • Weather information in Session analyze view improvements. Color coding for forecast and current hour
  • Improved logic for creating tires by splitting the process to steps. First select Car, second step to select tire model and last selection compound.
  • Improved logic for creating cars by splitting the process to steps. First select class and the car model.
  • Bug fixing
    • Mylaps import not working if there more than 200 activities before the needed one
    • Front page session graph is combining data for two cars if those are same model
    • Some weather information missing when editing run
    • Social login did not work from, only from
    • Social login always goes to wizard
    • New multireceiver message not working

14.1.2015 - Patch (2.0.1)

  • Bugs fixed
    • “Send friend request” button active on profile page even if already a friend
    • Old status updates are not raised even it’s commented
    • Accept runs with mm:ss.000 format
    • Placeholder missing from track revision
    • Explanations missing for run summary input

21.12.2014 - Minor update (2.0 Beta 5)

  • Improved statistics
    • Statistics page rebuild with new stats
    • Recent tracks and cars added to home page
    • New statistics added to track view page
  • Available sessions and setups added to car page
  • Website parameter for car models and tracks
  • Track minimum lap time and length as mandatory
  • Setting for selecting next page after creating a new run
  • Bug fixing
    • Some information messages added if no data available
    • Search showed too much information
    • Some wrong icons fixed
    • Saving setting always redirected to wizard page

12.12.2014 - Minor update (2.0 Beta 4)

  • Message item added to “New“ menu
  • “Calculate mistakes” button to manual lap time insert
  • Bug fixing
    • Setting for email notifications actually works
    • Message functionality improved
    • Sign up fixed
    • Notifications fixed for message and comments
    • Few other minor things

7.12.2014 - Minor update (2.0 Beta 3)

  • Include several persons in one discussion thread
  • Paging to search
  • Setups improved
    • Generate a public URL which you can share with your friends
    • Link run to shared setup (Run data will be shown if setup is public)
    • Setup view has copy, edit, revise and print buttons
  • Email template optimized
  • Tooltips for buttons
  • Improve form validation, commas are converted to dot for numerical fields
  • Bug fixing…

1.12.2014 - Minor update (2.0 Beta 2)

  • Required fields to forms and validation if everything is ok
  • Fine tuned feed on home page
  • Session overview layout fixed for indoor tracks
  • Wizard logic and functionality improved

27.9.2014 - Major update (2.0 Beta 1)

  • Version 2.0 beta 1 release
  • Everything is built from scratch except the database
  • User interface is based on Bootstrap. Works a lot better with phones and tablets. Also more consistent on every page.
  • Setups are now longer uploaded as PDF files. Now setups are in database as version controlled items. All setup sheet parameters are stored in database, so comparison between setups is possible.
  • Improved social part. You can send private messages to users. User profile pages are also a new thing.
  • Analyze work is improved. For example sessions have a lot bigger meaning. Session page gives weather information, run statistics, setup changes…
  • Possibility to merge Mylaps sessions
  • Wizard for new users
  • Tons of small changes and a lot more to come…

27.4.2014 - Minor update

  • Mylaps import fixed
  • Sign up form fixed
  • Link onAccount confirmation page fixed

23.3.2014 - Major update

  • Support for multiple date & time formats.
    • Select wanted format from settings.
  • New front page.
  • Stream improvements.
    • Run updates are more compact and only relevant information shown
    • Stream is sorted by time and date. Also comments are included
  • Friend page now in three columns instead of one.
  • “Zero lap” option when using Summary in New run
  • Toolbar for Notepad
  • Chart improvements
    • More horizontal lines
    • Annotation colour changed to black
  • Bug fixes
    • MyRcm import not bringing the time
    • If tires not set, then kilometres should be hidden
    • Changing date, time, track or car in New run clears all other fields

12.3.2014 - Minor update

  • Mylaps import fixed

19.2.2014 - Minor update

  • Run view condition layout fixed
  • Run view lap time colours fine tuned.
  • Setup resetted when editing run is fixed
  • New friend update in stream broken profile picture fixed
  • Friend badge in main menu fixed

12.2.2014 - Minor update

  • Added two more grip levels (Super high and Super low)
  • Time in run input was cleared if time was changed
  • Automatic weather data in run input fetched only current weather. Now get weather information is based on date and time defined for run.
  • New run condition: Night
  • Additional fixes for MyRCM import
  • Car drop down not visible when editing a session

11.2.2014 - Major update

  • Optimize import
    • Automatically use Mylaps import if track is online
    • Automatically use MyRCM import if event is online
    • Improve MyRCM import stability
    • Hide import buttons if import not available
    • Import data to the same screen with run input
    • Drop-down to select session/run
    • Selection checkbox in front of laps
    • Total time column added to data selection
  • New charting system
    • Used in Home page and in Data search
    • Based on Google charts
    • Irregular time interval for graphs
    • Hide/show data by clicking label
    • Selection what to show in graph
      • Best lap
      • Avg lap
      • Opt avg lap
      • Humidity
      • Temperature
      • Selection to settings
      • Personal records (avg, best lap)
      • Top 10 lap avg
      • Track records
      • Tire usage
      • Standard deviation
  • Accept several total time formats in run input
    • Both mm:ss.000 and sss.000 are ok
    • Both comma and dot are ok.
  • New local account must be verified after registration
  • Notepad
    • Simple functionality to add notes
    • Add tags to notes. Tags are not utilised yet.
  • Stream improvements
    • RC news
    • Show 10 comments at a time
    • Other improvements
  • Fetch weather data automatically
    • Coordinates needed in track settings
    • Track setting must be outdoor
    • Wind included as new parameter for outdoor tracks
  • Interface changes
    • Change total time format on tables to mm:ss.000
    • Replace Sessions heading with Notes. Submenu under Notes (Notepad and Sessions)
    • New footer
    • Page name included in header
    • Other minor changes
  • Login with email address or username
  • Lot's of bug fixes


This is a big update for TestLogger and it also needs some actions from users. Please go through your settings to fully utilize the new features. For example Options submenu has plenty of new options to choose from. By default all settings are off. For new charting system you must select parameters you want to see in the chart. It is recommended to keep three or four parameters active at a time. If you have more parameters visible, then the chart will be very difficult to read.

If you want to utilize the automatic weather data, then you need to set new parameters for the track. You need to set track type (indoor/outdoor) and location.

Wiki will be updated to reflect the changes in the near future.

27.11.2013 - Major update

The new version is online and now you use all the new features. Here is a summary what's new:

  • Timezone support
  • Teams are removed and replaced with friends.
  • Status updates
  • Share your runs, sessions, setups to your friends. Only if you want and sharing will be disabled by default.
  • Wall/news stream on home screen. Status updates from friends
  • Support for multiple cars with same type
  • More grip levels
  • Improving layout
  • General bug fixing e.g layout bugs for smaller resolutions
  • More options to personal settings

Anything you need to do? Please check all your settings. Personal settings have new items, cars need to be checked and possibly modified to get transponder visible, find your friends and select correct privacy settings.

Please note!! You can still send feedback and requests, but link is now located at bottom of general settings page.

22.3.2013 - Major update

  • Password reset login page
  • Limit tires based on class
  • Minimum laptime for tracks
  • Email when registering to test logger
  • Class exceptions for run input
  • Tire diameter