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 ==== Left menu ==== ==== Left menu ====
-Many pages have a separate submenu for page specific functionsSubmenu ​is located horizontally just below the mainmenu.+Left menu can be considered as the main menu and navigation between different ​pages. ​This menu is divided in to different sections 
 +  * Home: Dashboard view to your data. Shows some statistics, friend activity, RC related news, activity feed, upcoming and current sessions. 
 +  * Analyze: This section includes functions to help analyzing track days. 
 +  * Base data: Base data includes items which are needed to record runs like tire sets, setups, cars and tracks. 
 +  * Search: Search your run data. Click here for more information 
 +  * Statistics: Long term statistics generated from run data. 
 +  * Social: Private messages and friend list
 In mobile view this menu is a dropdown list in the top of page. In mobile view this menu is a dropdown list in the top of page.
 +{{ :​screenshots:​2.0:​left_menu.png?​200 |}}
 ==== Page specific Sub menus ==== ==== Page specific Sub menus ====