Testlogger uses responsive web design and the layout adapts to different devices and screens. The navigation is splitted on to two parts.

User Interface

Top menu

First navigation of the tool is located horizontally on top of the page. The top menu is used to create new items, check notifications and

New menu includes all different items what TestLogger has and everything created from here. To keep things simple, there are no exceptions.

The bell will give you a list of notifications. The notifications can include items as follows.

  • New message
  • Open items in Wizard
  • New like to your feed post
  • New comment to your feed post
  • Some has broken your track record

User name also has menu which has some basic functions like user settings, wizard, link to your profile and log out button.

Left menu

Left menu can be considered as the main menu and navigation between different pages. This menu is divided in to different sections

  • Home: Dashboard view to your data. Shows some statistics, friend activity, RC related news, activity feed, upcoming and current sessions.
  • Analyze: This section includes functions to help analyzing track days.
  • Base data: Base data includes items which are needed to record runs like tire sets, setups, cars and tracks.
  • Search: Search your run data. Click here for more information
  • Statistics: Long term statistics generated from run data.
  • Social: Private messages and friend list

In mobile view this menu is a dropdown list in the top of page.

Page specific Sub menus

Some pages have own subpages, filters or some actions. Subpages are shown with tabs. Filters and actions are in button format.


Icon Description
View object
Edit object
Print object
View run
View setup
Delete object
Archive object
Activate object
Click to open details