Car Behaviour

Car behaviour feature enables user to report possible handling issues with car when creating a new run. If user finds a solution to the issues during same day, then issue can be marked as solved when creating a run.

TestLogger will gather a separate page where you can see what problems you have been able fix and what was the fix for the issue. Fix can be either setup or tire change. In session analyse page you will see all issues in the setup analysis table and it will also suggest fixes from the past for the same issues.

Reporting issues

New issues are reported while entering a new run. Under Car Behaviour section there is heading New issues. First select the issue and then it's possible where it happens and when it happens. It's not mandatory to select When and Where if not needed. For example sometimes it might be enough just to report “Bad throttle response”. Add more rows by clicking “Add issue” button. If Issue is “Not selected” then it will be ignored.

Issues are session specific, so open issues will not follow to next session at the track and you need to start from scratch.

Fixing issues

Marking the reported issues as fixed happens in the same place as reporting new issues. In other words you mark open issues as solved or improved while entering a new run. Above New issues there is heading called Open issues and it will give a list of all open issues for that session. Beside the issue there is a drop down where you can choose if the issue still exists, it was improved or it was fixed.


It's always possible to make a mistake or forget to report something. Therefore it's possible to edit the behaviour issues. If you need to delete an issue or add new issue, then just edit the run where you want to remove or add issues. Add new issues as you would do on entering a new run. Deleting happens under Issues created in run section and selecting Yes option in the drop down.

Currently it's not possible edit the info where issue was improved or fixed. Currently you need to delete issue and report it again. This will be fixed in the near future.

Analyzing data

For analyzing there is two options. First one is Car behaviour page and second one is Session analyze page.