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It is necessary to enter the track when entering a new run. Tracks are under Base data and from sub menu select Tracks.

Add track

Every user is able to add their own tracks to the system. You can add it by selecting Add track under Functions.

Track attributes:

  • City - City name where track is located
  • Revision - Track revision e.g. 2011 Worlds 2WD layout
  • Country - Country where track is located
  • Type - Selection if the track is outdoor or indoor. This selection will effect the condition options when entering a New run.
  • Track length - Track length in meters. This information is used to calculate the tire usage
  • Latitude and Longitude - Track coordinates. Good site to find coordinates is This information is mainly used when weather data is fetched automatically on outdoor tracks.
  • Timezone - Timezone where track is located. With this information a correct local time is given when entering a new run.
  • Mylaps id - Get your track id from Id can be found from your track link. If your link is then your Mylaps id is 1153.
  • Minimum laptime - Minimum laptime in seconds. Used to filter statistics.
  • Track surface - Track surface as selection
  • Accepted classes - What classes can drive on the track. This is used to filter track listing when entering a new run.
  • Track picture - Add picture of the track or layout drawing

Please check if the track already exists before creating your own track.

Several tracks can have the same Mylaps id.

It is recommended to create a new track each time the profile has been changed.

Archive track

Instead of deleting tracks user can only archive tracks which are not used anymore. If track would be deleted then it would be impossible to find any data based on track information.

Currently it's not possible to delete a track by user. Please send a request to delete a track, if needed.