Tire sets

Select Tire sets from submenu.

Add tire set

Every user is able to add new tire sets to the system. You can add it by selecting Create tire set under Functions.

Tire set attributes:

  • Tire type - Each tire type contains class, axle, manufacturer, type and compound information
  • Insert
  • Wheel
  • Other
  • Build date

New tire types must be requested from administrator.

Archive tire sets

It is not possible to delete tire sets from the system, but it is possible to archive tire sets. Basically it means that tire sets are not visible in the active tire set list or when entering new run. The data is still accessible from data search or by filtering tire sets.

To archive tire set, select tire sets by selecting wanted checkbox. Then click Archive selected tire sets from submenu.

To unarchive tire set select Archived tire sets from Filters. Then select wanted tire sets and click Unarchive tire sets from submenu.


It is possible to filter tire sets. Possible options are

  • Personal tire sets
  • Team tire sets
  • Archived tire sets

Filters are accessible from submenu under filters.