Without cars you can't do pretty much anything in Testlogger. If you have completed the wizard, you should have your first car created.

One user can have several cars with same car model. For example it's possible to have a separate race and practice car. All cars can use the same transponder numbers. Transponder number is used only with Mylaps Practice and MyRCM import.

Creating a new car

To add new car, click Car from the New menu. First you need to select correct class and the next step is to select correct car model. Description is to help identifying the car if you have several cars with same model. Transponder is used for data import (currently for Mylaps Practice and MyRCM). Alternative car ID is used for special cases if Mylaps Practice is not working with transponder number. Finally press Save car button.

Editing a car

You can edit car from car listing by clicking button.

Car listings

Under base data

It is also possible to archive cars you are not using anymore. After archiving you are not able to use car anymore when inputting a new run but you are able to search data for archived cars. To archive car, select checkbox from the car list and click Archive selected cars. See your archived cars by clicking Archived cars from filter menu. User can also activate archived cars by selecting wanted cars from the list and clicking Unarchive selected cars.

Car information page

Car information page can be accessed from car listing by clicking button.