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Data analysis

The entered data can be analyzed by several different ways. For example individual days at the track can be analyzed via session view. Compare functionality allows to compare e.g different days on the same track or your performance to your friends performance. Notes allows you to collect all textual ideas and comments to one place.

Session analyze

Session collects all the necessary data like runs, statistics, weather and setup changes for one day at the track.

If the track type is outdoor and location is defined, it gives user a weather forecast for the whole day. Good example of utilizing this is race weekends. If user has a race in two weeks time then the user can already create the session. By opening the session analyze view it gives the up to date weather forecast for that specific day



Data analysis

Data analysis is one of the reason to use Testlogger and there few different ways how you utilize the entered data.



TestLogger has simple notepad where user can store written notes and ideas. Notepad is accessible under Notes in main menu.



You can add tags to notes. Currently those are not used in anyway, but in the future it will be possible to find information based on notes.


Sessions are objects which help collecting runs, planning a test and reporting the test day results. Session is also used for storing URL for MyRCM import.

You can find the sessions from main menu under heading Notes and Sessions in the submenu.

Sessions are linked to runs with track, date, driver and car information.


Create session

To create session select 'Create session' link in left column.

For new session it is needed to set track, car and date. Plan attribute is good place to describe the day and plans for that. If you want to do imports from MyRCM then you also need to set MyRCM URL. See instructions.

It is also possible to create sessions from home screen or data search if you have entered runs without session.

Delete session

Function to delete selected session.

Compare sessions

Function to compare two or more sessions. Select wanted sessions from session list and click Compare selected.

Filter sessions

Currently you can filter sessions by track. Other option is to show team member sessions. In the future other options will be added if requested.

Filter sessions by clicking option in the left column.