TestLogger manual

Welcome to TestLogger, which is a social data recording and analyzing tool. It's alternative for notepad, excel or what ever you have used before. It is designed for RC car racing and in the future other sports might be added to the service. The tool is located at http://www.testlogger.info.

This is the user guide for the tool, but please remember that there is no one single way how to use the tool. Everyone must find their own way to use the tool.

The content is not completely up to date and will be updated at some point. Meanwhile please ask for help from facebook, google+, rc10.fi or rctech.net.

Up to date Content

Quick guide how to start using Testlogger
How to navigate in Testlogger.
Enter the core data to the system.
What are sessions and how to use them for analysis
How car behavior works and how to utilize the info
Secondary information like setups, tracks and tire sets
What settings are available.
Rules using the tool.
The history of TestLogger and what's going to be changed in the future.

Old Content

How to request new car and tire models. Also how report bugs
What options are available to analyze the entered data.
How to search stored runs from TestLogger.
TestLogger has also social part. How utilize it.
Tips and use cases for using Testlogger.